Informal Feminism

{May 3, 2011}   The Votes Are In

Well, the votes are in and Stephen Harper comes out triumphant with his majority government. The NDP are in opposition and the Green Party did get one seat, so at least the parties I support are making headway. However, this turn of events has me wondering how long till we regret the results of this election? We already know that Stephen Harper is a lying scumbag, who wants to make decisions that are not in our best interest. I also can’t help but wonder how these decisions are going to affect the women in this country. We now have a leader with a majority government who does not support women’s rights. He is against abortion, birth control and divorce, what is that going to mean for our rights as women? His view of women’s issues was clearly defined from the beginning when he cut funding to the status of women Canada and I’m sure we will see him making more changes to women and their rights and freedoms, if he is allowed to do as he pleases with our government. Not to mention the other policies he will try to put into motion, that give to big business and take from the little guys. What are your thoughts on the new majority government? How do you think it is going to affect our country? How do you think it will affect women, minorities and the poor? leave a post below with your thoughts.


I forgot, the Green party seat went to Elizabeth May, which I couldn’t be happier to say. 🙂

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