Informal Feminism

{May 15, 2011}   Loving Lady Gaga

Hi guys, I’m spending the weekend at my parents house in Barrie and lucky for me they have a flatscreen high-def t.v. and digital cable, my house has an old but good t.v. and no cable. Needless to say, I have spent a few hours catching up on movies I have wanted to see but been too cheap to rent. The first night I came my mom put on the Lady Gaga HBO special, which we didn’t really watch because we were catching up but what little I did see intrigued me. So last night I decided I had to watch the show from beginning to end and what I found was a new love of Lady Gaga.

Gaga is an outlandish character, she wears crazy outfits and produces a show that keeps the audience entertained and alert. Her style seems to be almost a mix of Madonna and Michael Jackson. Her messages though are fantastic, throughout her whole show she repeatedly makes statements for equality and being yourself. Pop music has always been a forum for these messages but it is only certain popular artists that are willing to bring them to the forefront of their music and Gaga is one of these artists. Often when I listen to pop music I find myself stunned by the messages they present, female pop artists are usually revolving around boys and how to please them or dancing with no real message. Now I might be judging just based on popular single hits by these artists but those are the songs and messages that the majority of people hear and absorb.

In the beginning with Lady Gaga I thought the same thing but when I listened to the lyrics of her different songs I realized that many of them had to do with being able to be yourself and not being reliant on men or anyone for that matter. This is especially true of her newest hit Born This Way, in which she sings about being perfect as your are and not changing to please others. These are the kinds of messages that the young pop fans should be exposed to because it does not present a message that life is all about conforming to a certain standard of beauty. This message is about being comfortable in your own skin and loving yourself for who you are, not pining to be someone your not.

This theme ran throughout her whole show and seems to be part of the reason that she chooses the outfits she wears. They may be outlandish, almost bordering cartoony, but they fit with her theme of being able to express yourself as you see fit. During the actual show she repeatedly tells the audience that the her intention is to allow her fans to be who they want to be and that is what the Monster Ball, the title of her show, is all about. She also is very inclusive of sexual orientation, in one of her lyrics she states that is does not matter if your gay, straight or bi you can be who you want to be, again this is a message that young pop listeners should be absorbing. It is a message of inclusivity and love.

The final thing that I wanted to touch on was the way that she handles her own sexuality on stage. A friend and I spent a day watching Gaga videos a few weeks ago and I said you could play a drinking game to the amount of time she touches her crotch in them. Gaga is very flamboyant about her sexuality in her work, she sings about it and dances to accentuate it. She also claims it and is not afraid of it, which as you know if you have read me before I find very important in women. Gaga’s freedom with her sexuality is one that should be admired when it is paired up with her music. She is not promoting promiscuity or unsafe sex or having sex before your ready, she is saying that it is ok to be a sexual being and express your sexuality in a way that is comfortable to you. As I said earlier many of her songs promote women being able to be independent and in control of their own lives, being able to express your sexuality in a healthy way is a major part of that concept.

Lady Gaga slowly crept up on me, I didn’t think that I would be able to get on board with her musically but after seeing her HBO special I would go so far as to call myself a fan. I think she is doing a great job of promoting amazing messages about being yourself and being able to express yourself. She also puts on an awesome show, the costumes and stage show are fantastic and fun to watch. So, if your ever looking for some pop music to get down to I would recommend checking out Lady Gaga.


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