Informal Feminism

{December 6, 2011}   Theory of a Deadman Hates Women

So I took a little break from the blog, not on purpose but things get hectic sometimes. The new women’s group keeps me pretty busy outside of work but I have something I need to write about. A certain song has been brought to my attention since it has been getting fairly regular airplay from what I understand. This song is called “The Bitch Came Back” by Theory of a Deadman. I find this song to be highly offensive and women hating at its core. This song speaks about women generally and is horribly derogatory to them.

            I’m going to start by showing you just a few of the lyrics in this song that got my feminist radar up:

            I like her so much better when she is down on her knees

            Cause when she’s in my face that’s when I’m stating to see


The Trouble with Girls is that they are all the same

            Forget the diamonds and pearls they just want a ring


            The trouble with girls is never enough

            Love to complain and they never shut up


            It ain’t a joke when I say I wanna throw you out

            I really mean it, I really mean it


These lyrics comprise the main section in each verse. When I first heard this song my first gut reaction was how can this be acceptable in a society. To produce music that is so angry towards women. That is blatantly misogynistic at its heart. This is a pop music band which means that they get a lot of radio play and are a staple of teenage culture. To produce this song is to teach a whole new generation of teenagers what it means to be a woman. Male teenagers will instil this as another reason that they are allowed to treat women as less because they want nothing more in life then to entrap a man. As well it reflects sexually exploitative values in the lyrics “I like her so much better when she’s down on her knees” once again reinforcing the idea that women are nothing more then sexual objects. Female teenagers are being presented with the idea that women are worthless and are something to be thrown away, they have no value and deserve to be treated like garbage.

            We are being presented with an image of women as nothing, worthless and desiring only to get the attention of men. These images are detrimental to the many women who are out working hard to make changes in this world. These are women who are strong and have intent in this world beyond the male sphere. When this song was presented to me I was asked the question: but don’t they have free speech? To this I answered everyone has free speech but that is not the issue at the heart of this song. This song gets more airplay then most of the talented female musicians who are out there producing empowering music for women that teaches us that they last thing we need to rely on is men. The radio airways are unfairly weighted to this kind of music that is harmful to women and teaches hatred set to a catchy beat.

            The final point that really made got my feminist ire going was that this song was actually written for the band by a woman. When I was doing my research about the song I learned that the songwriter is a woman named Kora DioGaudri. This proves how deep patriarchal values go in our society. When we have women producing music that promotes hate towards other women we are in need of a serious societal overhaul. It again shows how much women are taught to hate other women and have no respect for each other. This songwriter is quite a well established and respected person in the music industry but to get there she is writing songs that bash women, give me Ani DiFranco any day.


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